I have a job interview this week and im blasted stoked!

it is part time and minimum wage and i dont care

the possibility of me having a job to fill some of my lonely time

is appealing if not in practice

in theory

i will try and if i like it ill keep it

if it works bonus literally and if it doesnt nothing lost really

so yay!

im going to go swimming today at moms pool; then do free weights there and spot work then melt back home.

ill do my little aquafitness and water running routine. donno about the glory of a bathing suit

but it is what it is

the more you work it the better it will "look"

one too many bowls of ice cream and berries at the strawberry festival

mom and pop took me yesterday

all i kept thinking was i need some friends of my own.

they are so dally and he tries so hard to harass me

literally i think he thinks hes being funny?

or just an asshole, i think he resents me being there with them

he walks off and tries to drag her along and away from me

and so then i wander off alone.

we got separated and mom had to call me on the cell. lol talk about sharing time together.


so jen came out  yesterday to help me with twyla and twyla would have nothing of it

then i tried to show her pooter root

and he was long gone

i can pick him up and kiss him.

she seemed absolutely disgusted seeing my route well half of it anyway she didnt see the largest colony that is closest to me.

i actually think there are two new kittens there.

not good. and where is pauline?

i need help to travel them to be spayed/ neutered.

i have three vouchers anyways.

it is so mother loading hot in here even with my a/c running.


i bought the window unit and no one will help me install it

why bother taking me to buy it then if you wont help me put it in

i had to help them with the pool cover

he is such a woose. i could have done that all by myself

it isnt even heavy!

i pull it on and off myself single handedly everytime i swim

he is such a drama queen.

i havent heard back from rob moroz if i can go to the barn open house

i really would like to go like a end of season party for me in my head.

i would like to see the horse demos

i never get to see 'real' riders so to speak.  only folks being led around like a pony ride at a fair

i want to see real riders.

i learn by watching too big time

that is how i learned how to dance and how to swim etc.

i watch.

jen comes from privilege you should hear it

they all go to brunch together their entire family

youre like what?

who is like THAT.


not our family that is for damn sure.

yet another screen popped a hole in it for dry rot

i literally closed the window and it literally blew a hole in the screen for the pressure.

these screens are so dangerous.

and i cant even open my windows for that and amata.

she is such a pain in the bum.

poor nugget has lost weight her teeth are not great anymore.

she is gumming through her cookies and spitting her kibbles across the room when she tries to eat.

tami suggested i wet her kibs down with a little bit of water to help her out

good idea actually.

maybe ill give it a bit more time.

she eats the wet now but she never has liked the wet.

and that is not better for her teeth.

amata is far more independent now too.

she doesnt stay with me like she used to

last night patches didnt bother putting me to sleep for the heat?

or they just dont love me anymore.

if i had both a/cs in i could run them both

the weirdest thing is i was bitching about my portable a/c and needing plywood and having it cut to fit etc

i found two pieces of wood outside

that had a curve on the one end of either one

and they fit PERFECTLY?

weird. maybe someone heard me bitch and cut me a piece of wood

or uncle rick is helping me from beyond.

i miss aunt therese already like crazy.

i really hope i get that job.

i really hope i can get this second a/c in without having to pay the same amount or more than what it is worth to put in if i had both to run i could cool this puppy right out

even with the portable broken hose one running it only gets down to 78.


it is hot up here.

without it it was 81.

my old west facing apartment i would run two and they ran fine

88 degrees.

it was hell.

so this is at least east facing.

78 at peek heat.

i dont like summer anymore when i was a kid and non menopausal etc i loved it

i like the pool thats about it and even that i gotta watch my sun exposure.

on that note im gonna get moving so im not in the pool in high heat.

hopefully he hasnt torqued the chemicals in it and  ill die from exposure.

wonder if that would be accidental death on my life insurance policy lol


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