was thinking about becky asking me to call her to discuss

whats to discuss?

she has already made her decision and he is already gone.

nothing more really to say is there

if it were a discussion then she would have had it with me before he left or before they made the decision to let him go.

she is going to do what she wants

and that is that.

she doesnt care how i feel or how Rebel feels or is or isnt taken care of .

so why enlist a "discussion" when there is nothing more to say.

She wanted him gone she is the boss man she got rid of him

whether i liked it or not clearly

so that is someone that doesnt care how i feel period.

and that im sorry is not very nice.

they should have kept him until i was done with him there

that is bad enough.

but they are hoping to get rid of me anyways. she has never wanted me there to begin with

look at the first term at the barn in the first place.

the sue is sick sue is in the barn crap.

then when i asked her what the truth was i was supposedly the one that was "rude"

i love how people in power exploit the shit out of people

they can do whatever they want to us

if we protest we are the ones punished or in the "wrong"

they never are wrong and they never have to own up

let alone take accountability

that is what is inherently flawed in our society my friends.

that and about a million things

most of all apathy.


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