i swear everytime i speak to mark

he tries to make me hate him

seriously he is so windsor

nothing more needs said

argumentative and neurotic

exploitive and bullying etc


so nugget is not doing well

she is mainly hiding in the closet

so im going to have to keep an eye on that

she is eating fine and drinking and littering

she does cookies earnestly etc



she is old.

there is nothing i can really do about that.

anyways im going to bed.

mom is watching the whiney ass baby again tomorrow morning

on our day to work out

( how convenient)

never when she has plans with dominant asswipe.

i guess my mom was arguing with aunt theresa at the hospital

leave it to the two of them.

birds of a feather.

plus stress and emotion

= explosive.

tami the asswipe

knows about uncle rick having the second stroke

and is ignoring me

she is just such a mental patient

she is so passive aggressive and just idiotic.

this time if she tries to talk to me again

she'll be told to go fuck herself


watch and see.

no more bait and hook

she's done.

i did a  yoga class at the gym today

omg make a wish

if you dont use it you lose it?

well almost there

i cant get over how much ive aged this past year.

its been a rough one

and i dont see it easing up anytime soon

i just want out of windsor.

theres something to being twiced removed from family drama

ps amata has taken to opening cupboards

she is a doozie.

rolling my eyes.



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