ass backwards

people talk about karma all the time

well i have seen some of the shittiest people

get promotions and better things in their lives

than ill ever get

so so much for that theory of what goes around comes around.

because if that were the case

they should have been flat taken out by now

instead they are happier and flying higher than i ever will.


savoy hooks up with this woman that can promote her career.

there is no real love there.

i dont think shes capable of loving anyone but herself

like most selfish fn people nowadays

i had true feelings for her

and she cast me out like moldy rotted fruit she didnt want around her anymore.

breaks my heart to see them together. literally.

and then disgusts me equally because i know there is nothing genuine about the connection

other than the superficial

and whats in it for her.

shaking my head.

i have so much to say but i need to get to bed.

also this woman at the gym that was nothing but nasty with me

she got a lead part in an amateur play production.

it is like really?

so the bigger ass you act like the more helium you get pumped into your already disproportionately huge ego driven head?

hope one day it explodes.

and on that note

flying high in the meanwhile right?

ugh slapping my own forehead

i swear to god

ass backwards land seriously

ass backwards.

said that since i was eleven years old.

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    1. wishenstarr

      well thank you opinionated expert.

      June 09, 2017