at par

I just so have to get out of windsor people.

i dont know what it is going to take until people get it.

i am coming home tonight from my walk

and the two morons from downstairs are bullying and harassing me.


they are worse than ever and so off the chain

since they got away with robbing my bird feeder

and the new owners etc.


Some parts have been good and some parts have been ok

but mostly it always comes back

to i just want out of here.

my mom treats me like absolute crap anymore

and my family kind of always has

and people in general.

i cant get into all of it right now i have to get to bed.

but i mean how much is a person expected to take?

i just want and need out

i just want and need a fresh perspective a new view.

please please please universe

make me get a rental subsidy ASAP

in another municipality

KW, Toronto or Hamilton frankly.

i just dont understand if im eligible for one here financially

how they can justify not giving me one

when the market basket costs are higher in larger urban centers

where i could avail myself of treatment options

that i have none of here.

and i wouldnt have to be abused on a unrelenting daily basis.

it erodes you

no matter how strong you are

it is gradually going to wear you down

no matter what

PLEASE if you can help me and you are reading this

please contact your people your connections your mpp

PLEASE help me to get a rental subsidy so i can with housing security and food security move on.

im not asking to be a millionaire or to live in luxury

im just trying to keep my basic needs met

at par

is that too much to ask?



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