burn out- broken hearted

when people take your passion, and destroy it

that is telling you something.

life squelches your fire and your desire

to make the world a better place

by people's small mindedness

exclusion and rejections.

when a community can take someone

as passionate as me

and wear them down to a nub

that is burned out and just doesnt want to anymore

that is very very telling.

and that is how im feeling as of late.


and fed up

so sick of being disrespected


and mistreated.

in the words of savoy howe


my shoulders are killing me from my boxfit class on sunday

it was warped speed and had plyometric lunge jumps and squats


but it is my arms and backs of shoulders that hurt most of all

my right shoulder is a bitch since it was dislocated.

so we will see how it is tomorrow

to determine what im able to do if anything with that puppy.

a nice way to bum me out

aunt therese is home finally

found a kitty in the garbage


im going to bed

talk later.

i have a meeting on thursday about housing?

i am PRAYING that this woman

will help me relocate.


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