call back


so i did get a call back for the job!

I have orientation on the long weekend, but o well.

ill take it.

I hope they are ok with me only doing 2 days a week tho to start.

max of 3 period.

the start time is ghastly according to the one woman that met with me

and not so bad with the other.

so we will play it out and see.

excited tho to give it a shot

i might be over shooting my wad

because i am really uncomfortable around people.

but i will try

that is all you can do.

i cannot believe that savoy howe told her gf tracey erin smith to block me on the face book

so ridiculous

she posts these public videos for the world to see

yet if i see it or comment on it she freaks out

guilty much?

i was thinking about that case scenario

they were so wrong to me that whole situation

the person that should have been thrown out was janet hackett

i was not the bad guy i was the one being victimized

but jen plyler so insane targeted me

thats a social worker. so figure that out and janet was one of theirs.

so figure that out too

savoy howe is a fake; actress literally

pretends to be a good guy and is a bullying jackass that literally threatened my welfare and even death.

i still have the emails

check my other blog out by entering in my name donna jenner in your server.

you will see the original email they took out in my name


they threatened me violence and they also harassed and stalked me for YEARS.


email after email even after i moved far far away

they even black balled me down in windsor before i got here

telling that guy at border city not to let me in

and he as a black man wouldnt give me a chance even.

he thus consequently was charged with abusing his wife.

so there you go

birds of a feather.

Amata patatas is lying at my feets.

she is such a good girl

nugget has really been showing her age.

sadly i dont think she will be around for long.

becky left a message for me on my voice mail

horses come and horses go in this business.

well i was in therapeutic riding. it isnt just equine industry

he was my touchstone and my grounding.

they should have and could have kept him

they didnt HAVE to get rid of him

she says youre not the first person in the groom program that has ever lost their horse you know

well good for them.

i have chronic and very bad PTSD.

and my needs should have been taken into consideration.

it wouldnt have killed them to keep my best buddy.

savoy howe probably injured him in the first place.

i wouldnt put it past her since she killed my kitten in the cat colony and took ownership for killing it too

she impersonated me via the email

claims to serve survivors of violence

then perpetuates it against the most vulnerable in the bunch.

sicko icko

she has a lot of issues.

control freak being one of them.

jen is a pathological liar to manipulate things her way jen was mad at me because i had complained to joanne green that she showed inequity in her distribution of snacks and tokens and clothes

and i was in my right to do that.

who does she think she is treating me like that?

and then thinking i will be punished for speaking up for myself.

that is a contradictive loonatic that is what that is

god pity the child.

for real.

and savoy such a dum ass knew where her bread was buttered so immature needed to fit in and keep the gravy train porting there

so she automatically believed everything jen said

theyd all fit into windsor perfectly

passive aggressive mean spirited bullying pick up on

chicken brains.

as in hen pecking the weak and the sick

it isnt like i went to her club just to go to her club

i went under the victims of violence program

cant do your job dont invite us in.


ill write more later

right now im going to cuddle my nugget for a bit.and watch my shows.


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