chronicles of misfits and disbelievers

so today was for shit

the synopsis is as follows

walking to housing meeting

saadia was supposed to call

didnt she did end up making good by talking to me tonight so that is settled; made me quite upset tho

go to meeting check in with desk

and he tells me to sit in the wait room

meanwhile my party is in the office down the hall

waiting on my arrival

finally twenty five mins later of us waiting in opposing rooms

i speak up and say im here to see susie and josephine

o they are waiting for you he says i thought they were meeting and then you were seeing susie.


idiot. no apology no respect of any sort

then i go in and all she did anyway

was frustrate me to my face

well we cant do this and we cant do that

blah blah manure shovel blah


you can do whatever you WANT to do

there is no word as cant in your position.

so yes frustrated doesnt encapsulate

and we got no where

so it was all wasted time

and then my worker susie

doesnt know even as much as I DO

and she is supposed to be my resource for need.


she didnt even know there is a permanent rental subsidy program.



then i ended up being given more work to do

and work then? that could and should have been done

thirteen months ago

so here we go

waiting for probably another mother fuckn six months or more.

fuck off.

and no further ahead just a head ache.

did a yin yoga class never done such a thing before ever


feel like ive been disassembled and put back together and some of my bolts are loose.

( no comments lol)

good lord so unsafe.

i will NEVER do that type of class again in my life.


never heard from tami two days in a row

probably got a job and now i wont hear from her ever

thats how she works

if she has a distraction i dont exist

kind of like my mom

tried to call joyce zuk of family services windsor?

she is so verbally abusive with me on the phone when no one else is there to lay witness

you would not believe how i am treated seriously

so im crawling back to them on my hands and knees

and she is throwing in my face that i made formal complaints about them

well dont give me anything to complain about and i wont

she says why are you coming back here are you desperate she says.

um ya bitch i am because everyone in windsor is so unprofessional and gossiping

even in way of service providers

that you are prejudiced of someone before you even give them a go

and you abuse them soliciting that which you assume them to be

so you never really give them an objective point of view anyway

and in so doing who is it that you can help?


by putting someone that needs your help the most and has for a lifetime out your door.

corrupt and sickening

then she says

if we were to work with you again youd have to sign something saying youd not complain about us if it didnt work out

fuck off

free for all for your mistreatment

the last i checked i dont have to sign off my goddamned civil rights

if you had nothing to worry about and treated me properly then youd have nothing to worry about.

would ya

dont give me anything to complain about and i wont

and further more you dont threaten me with reprisal or consequence because i have exercised my rights.

in the face of your incompetence minimally and violence ultimately.

tell lydia fiorini of SACC i said hi too

the bitch that told me at seventeen fresh from molestation

i was too "angry" to work with

guess i had a right to be angry

and even more so still. dont i


and if family services didnt want to work with me or are too useless to they should have could have given me a referral

for the time being that im stuck here i might as well have some treatment

what do you think

and this housing shit


13 months on an urgent list?

fuck off something is not right even saadia said that

something is NOT on the up and up.

anyways i need to get to bed.

just wanted to unload this shit before i do so

i wonder how aunt therese is doing alone at home now.

i wonder how my little kitten made out

i hope he finds a good home and they dont kill him.

simply because i found him they probably already have.

i was calling him rupert.


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