eight years

was thinking more about the things that have changed in the past eight years

megan graduated high school and moved to Ottawa

Emily graduated university and got married

bought a house and has a teaching job, part time but hey it is an in.

My sister finished her MSW and got her job where shes at now.

Lucky the horse got put to sleep

Ma and Pa both died

the farm the original farm from my dads family was sold.

i moved to windsor even

renee moved here

and now is divorced with three kids

not to mention the kids that came into existence in the past eight years

heather and sarah both got married

and had their brood all under eight

i met tami well online anyways

saadia broke up with her and the family services they were douche bags and the ten friends diner remember THOSE PEOPLE


i just found christine and the queens on my memories on face book i love that performance of tilted on the graham norton show. awesome.

i started riding

met rebel lost rebel

lost ezzy girl and simeon found charlotte and patches and amata patatas.

you know yesterday there was this obnoxious video of a little kids vines strung together  that was going viral

i actually found it obnoxious

all the kid is doing is regurgitating what her mother is and has indoctrinated her with either by programming or example mainly both!

and savoy's gf there tracey liked it shared it on her profile.

i thought id barf.

she would like it

savoy too

some high maintenance fake diva bullshit

losh? and armpit fresh and sush and the excuses around not having id?

disgusting actually

and this is what they are all about


i cant believe i actually was attracted to savoy at all

because she is the total opposite of all things i am

i am REAL. she is FAKE

i am truthful she is an ACTOR right down to the fake tears and fake concern.

so it is no wonder that her match birds of a feather would be some mask wearing

fakey too

losh gag.

id much rather be REAL and genuine at least the connections i make with people albeit difficult with my ptsd or limited even

at least they are REAL.

they arent built around self interest and superficial agendas

she literally takes the politics of the day and the politically popular thought of the day

and runs with it to exploit it and make money off it

it doesnt even mean they are of that belief system themselves!


look at her getting the money for survivors of violence and then

doing what they did to me?


all the way and they are so grosse theyd consider that a compliment

this little girl on the vines?

it is all her moms words and messages

just taped thru the mouth of a little girl making it precosious appearing or supposedly "cute"

i find it disturbing that a kid that age is that programmed with adult agenda.

let a kid be a fuckn kid for gods sakes.


wow. what a fucked up world.

ttyl bu bye


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