my one foot is absolutely killing me lately

new shoes are a factor; the other ones so worn they are falling apart

so no choice.

so yesterday uncle rick had a second stroke on his good side

so it is not looking good for him

he is now on life support

my brother in laws sister in law hung herself too

so we were all hanging out at the ICU yesterday

my mom was there thru the entire surgery and left around 6 went back at 8

shes gonna come up sick herself for the stress of it all

aunt therese is a shadow of herself; i dont think shes stepped foot out of there really other than to go home to sleep

kenny left to go back home to alberta so i dont know what is going on there

probably work related im assuming

i dont know if they got hit by that bad weather in red deer as well.

i am so very sick of being alone i cant stand it anymore

with being unable to open my windows because of a certain someone that will remain nameless

ahem Amata,

my apartment is already over warm and the warm weather hasnt even begun to happen.

then my moms douchey neighbor that made me wait for him to install it and then did it half assed deliberately

that man is a special kind of sick in the head.

when he wanted a piece of ass he kissed mine

but now that he is remarried to a dyke in the closet i might add miserable thing herself

he is an asshole anymore

rude to my mom and rude to me

he is middler eastern anyways and has zero respect for women anyway.

if he didnt want to do it fair enough

just say so

you dont dick someone around waiting on you to only do it half assed.

i could have paid an installer back at the end of april

rather than peak season now.

he is a fuckn asshole

broke my brand new a/c when i bought the fuckn thing years ago.

yep hes a special kind of delightful ass crack.

i am so sick of my gym and the same cast of clowns.

the manager came in yesterday and acts like she has multiple personality disorder

some days she talks to me like im her best friend all chummy

other days she can hardly stand to say hello even


there are other women in there that do the same with me

if i ignore them they literally shove themselves down my throat

you know that is a form of bullying itself

wacko i am a magnet for the wacko

i want out of here period.

gimme my subsidy to transfer where i choose

and im so out of here.

those cats outside tho are going to be hard done by

i actually took over their care from grace who passed away

ya tami talked to me long enough to get the lo down on my trip and its outcome then she does the same exact things on me again

the hanging up on me for call waiting and the yawning and the acting like im a boring pain in her ass

then why bait and reel me in again and again and again?

power issues?

she is a fuckn wacko too

theme- wacko

i dont see uncle rick coming out of this

they did surgery yesterday and when i went over to drop food off for aunt therese and heather

his head was shaved.

they wont let people in there really

only immediate family and two at a time.

he was fresh from surgery so i didnt want to be in there anyways.

even if he survives he will be dependent on machines.

if he were an animal theyd put him down.

just goes to show minute to minute man we never know what is coming in the next second for any of us.


but true.

this morning charlotte woke me up at 6 spilling over my water bottle

then ding dong amate starts flying around here like a crazy fuck

and nugget just hides in the closet anymore most of the time.

the same closet ezzy girl hid in

simeon and ezzy took to a closet towards their end.

i dont think nugget is gonna be around much longer frankly

when i try to eat with her now she rarely comes over

i lay down my top blanket and she will come for a bit.

o my poor old nugget

the took for granted always present background actor

that never featured prominent in my scenes

but who's presence has been appreciated noted and valued.

i feel like they treat me like im a baby

like im a twelve year old

im not allowed to be a real support at the hospital

here i am the poorest of them all

and im the one feeding the entire team.


like i feed the cats.

the food lady.

o well at least im able to contribute something.

aunt therese and heather and ken have given me so much over the years.

it is the least i can do

this month however has been exceptionally expensive for me

and next month i have my license renewal whether i want to or not

needs done.

getting enhanced. at least.

talk to you later

im off.


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