for real

first i told becky they were getting rid of rebel

to get rid of me.

no no that isnt true she says

you are taking it personally

so against my better instinct i trust her word.

now she is dodging and weaving giving me a place for fall?

How is that again legal?

the only type of counselling ive been interested in enough to continue in

and not quit.

she acts like i was taking it the wrong way

well clearly i wasnt

if they again dont want me there.

never wanted me there to begin with really

thats the truth of the matter.

so how "wrong" or personally was i taking it?

like always

people play passive aggressive games means to an end

to get the end result they seek

and then blame you for it


anyways if im stuck here this is the only good thing at all

i have.

so if she takes that from me

then what?

for real.

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