i feel like absolutely no one cares about me most of the time

so this thing with the guy with the knife happened on monday night

and i mean that scared the living crap out of me.

rightfully so

life and death basically


and everyone just minimizes it all

i called tami the night that it happened and she didnt have to work the next day

i called her at midnite her time

she didnt answer.

i left a message and said something about a guy with a knife when i went to feed the cats etc

and to call me asap when she got the message.

she didnt call me until tuesday night at ten thirty

she spent the first twenty mins going on about her sons car trouble

then she rolls around to so what happened with the guy with the knife.

told my mom

she minimized it

told others they minimize it too

the guy was arrested outside my house.

it was freakn scary

i also have had a sore stomach for about two weeks

and no one takes that seriously either

it is like im not even human to people.

it hurts

to know

that no one sincerely cares

i dont think anyone ever really, has.

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