in the teeth

omg my legs are killing me from yoga and incline walking

good lord.

it is hot today too

and i cant run my a/c full time because of amata the escape artist.

she is a trip

her latest go to is breaking into closed cupboard doors so unless i put elastics around the handles or hair elastics she is busting in.


what is with this cat. for real.

sooooooooooooo smart which is super challenging

but so good at the same time. she is a walking furry dichotomy

she is lucky she is lovable

thats all i have to say

nugget nagoo is lying beside me here this morning

i like that. i intermittently get down and love her up

going to moms to work her out

but she is watching heathers baby again today


i am planning on bringing aunt therese and heather some grub again this afternoon after moms

dunno whats on the menu but we will throw something together for them.

the bottled water is the biggest problem

very expensive unless you buy it in a case

maybe ill pinch some from mom today

i find it pretty interesting that my neighbor the student

doesnt do anything day in and day out

but no one has a running commentary on that

just on me?

so male chauvinist

thats the precedent of windsor. period. men can do whatever the fuck they choose and women o hell no

if you have a vagina the men even within a ten mile radius of you think they have the right to boss you and control you

it is a trip.

amata and nugget are lying side by each.


im kind of tired now actually after that treadmill workout

that yoga done wiped my ass OUT.

im gonna try to keep that in my routine maybe increase it to twice a week eventually.

the schedule is a bit wonky tho.

i still have not heard from the people i wrote.


i dont think ill ever get out of here. seriously.


some woman wrote me about my application to tim hortons and said i was not the right fit for the job

fuck off

tim hortons? it is often peoples first job even and she is telling me i couldnt do it?

can we all say youre a bigot because i can.


again another reason why i want out of windsor.

im sleepy now. lol

got a long day ahead of me.

thats for sure.

amata is sleeping on the treadmill she tried to go under it today when i was walking on incline

she made me so pissed.

she is always  a mischief monkey


this is why you have to be hypervigilant or she'll be long gone

im sure she busted out of someones house.

thats for sure.

there is this woman that went to school with me when i was in my undergraduate and for some reason she was always clearly jealous of me.

she always tried to steal everything that i had created or earned for myself out from under me.

then she connected with me on the facebook always played friendly to my face.


all the while kind of sucking me as a source.

i dont know if that makes sense or as a resource.

just like she did when we were kids.

so finally i called her out on it and now im enemy number one.

lol i find it hilarious she thinks that she can passive aggressively do me like that

but if i call her out on the mat about it im the bad guy

so now she is trying to destroy me again by bad mouthing me to mutual colleagues etc

which only serves to affirm my assessment of her being "kind" to use me as a resource for her own reasons.

from job opportunities when i was young etc, to followers and people to buy her reiki and "healing" services.

she is a joke. she is mean spirited and attacking

but thinks herself a "healer"? you need to be more evolved than that to be a real healer.

i find most people who go into that field whether it be yoga etc are so messed up themselves.


like this woman here in windsor that was homeless and a former addict does "healing" shit like dee.

what a joke.

heal  yourself before you think for a minute you can authentically offer something to others.

the yoga teacher too yesterday was commenting about her size of jeans

i thought that was incredibly inappropriate.

nothing like body shaming an entire class

inappropriate much.

i used to be the size she was condemning.

this is why people develop eating disorders for gods sakes.

just totally wrong.

i find anything that detoxs my lymph whether it is yoga or rebounding exhausts me

i remember yoga would exhaust me more than running

i am feeling that today


this getting old shit sucks ass.

tami still has not contacted me

she is nothing but a game playing head fuck.

she is sick

seriously sick

i mean all these years when ever i have needed her the most

she kicks me in the teeth


her on the other hand when she cries to me

i literally go online and try to help her out

as much as i can a million miles away.

she is no friend that is for sure.

she isnt even a good person.

going to work mom out or at least myself

while she entertains an annoying whiney child.

yuck. so glad im not a mom. lol


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