public servants

you know images of death surely romanticize it

especially when youre dealing with reality of the shit day in and day out

the images of peaceful walks on beaches and serene landscape surely are alluring compared to this. hows that.

so this granting of a subsidy in another community or transfer of my subsidy is just never going to happen.

i contact the ministry of housing and they ignore me completely for almost a month

then tell me they are not the ministry responsible for housing subsidies anyways.

like they couldnt have told me that four weeks ago

and the minister of community and social services helena jaczek has been contacted just about in equal proportion and her ministry and constituency office, havent responded to me, whatsoever.

these highly paid public servants, that cant even be bothered, to respond to the publics needs or inquiries.

and so is our corrupt government.

my friend of light switch fame has darkened out

has hung up on me or is never available

feel the love and support.

anyways gotta go.

talk later

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