i have no idea what im doing with myself today

so the latest is my landlord has cut the valve to my apartment for hot water.

i pay my rent in full on time everytime.

i stay to myself i talk to no one i cause no problems whatsover

yet they are perpetually harassing me to get me to leave. endlessly

and the landlord is friends with dum and dummer downstairs that talk smack behind his back and then they lick his balls to his face.

to manipulate him; to control his opinions and viewpoints. and he is so stupid he doesnt realize.

so anyways for three days ive had no hot water.

and ive complained and ive told my lawyer and my housing worker etc.

you can feel the hot water is right there but it only comes to me as a tepid warm piss

so the other units are fine but im getting this.

Lola was in the window this morning when i went to feed the birds.

and she looks awful right now

i dont think they are taking care of her

she doesnt bark at me she just looks at me out the window like save me.....

i love lola she always comes to me and lets me pet her but because of their nastiness i hardly ever get to engage with her anymore.

people are pathetic.

they pick on someone that is disabled and different just because.

it shows their character more than it does anything lemme tell ya.

or lack there of.

we think we are more evolved than animals or superior beings

no bigger than the size of a nickel. chickens hen peck the weak ones too until they die.

no different.

i have the right to exist and live and to have housing etc.

im so sick of doing nothing wrong and always i mean always getting picked at

it is absolutely exhausting.

my ears hurt and my throat a little bit.

i fell asleep early yesterday again

put no food out for the cats

i wrote melanie and asked if they would help me with twyla


i wrote my housing worker who contacted my owner about the hot water issue

he right away says to my worker

there are a lot of stray cats around the building.


case in point.

right away im the "crazy cat lady"

how does or would one have anything to do with the other? number one

number two the cats have nothing to do with me

they belong to jeff and the other neighbors that allow their cats indoor outdoor

and he knows that anyways

he is simply pissed that legally he has been called out

on the games he is playing with the hot water.

so now he is trying to make issue with me feeding cats.

fuck off.


give me the hot water i pay for.

nothing like trying to run me out.

all the time

harass harass harass.

and no one will help me out of this situation

it is absolute torture.

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